Stateside and Canadian Missionaries

Arnold Adams 

Brother Arnold Adams is the President of Southland Bible Institue in Ashland, Kentucky.  We are thankful to have him as a part of our missionary outreach.
Arnold Adams and Family email

Gerry and Diane Baughman

The Baughman’s have an unique ministry in recruiting and helping to train young men and women for the missions field.  The Baughman’s are working through Baptist International Missions.
Gerry and Diane Baughman Email

Steve and Ricka Butler 

Brother Steve and his family served in Australia, starting two churches which are still going strong for the Lord today.  He is a great asset for new missionaries going to the field as he can share his pastoral and missionary experience with them.  The Butler family are serving with Baptist Mid-Missions.
Steve and Ricka Butler Email

Mike Denison 

Mike and his wife, Teresa, are planting a Hispanic church in the Memphis, Tennessee area.  The Denison family is serving through Fundamental Baptist World Wide Mission.
Mike and Teresa Denison Email

Ed and Carole Hembree 

The link that we are presently using for Brother Ed and his wife Carole is just a part of their ministry there.  The Hembree’s has established a local, independent Baptist church in Costea, been very instrumental in the founding of the College, and a small orphanage.  The Hembree’s are very faithful missionaries.  Brother Ed has been appointed as Assistant European Director with Baptist International Missions.

Ed and Carole Hembree’s Email

Dr. Ricky Dunsford 

Brother Ricky is the International Director for the Rock of Ages Prison Ministry.  He has experience in the youth ministry and was on the revival teams for Rock of Ages before becoming the International Director.
Dr. Ricky Dunsford’s Email

Dave Hohmann 

Brother Dave Hohmann and his wife, Barb, labor faithfully not only in their home church, First Baptist Church of Atoka, but also in the prison ministry as well as working with prison prevention in schools across the southeast United States.
Dave and Barb Hohmann’s Email

Larry and Jean Skipper 

The Skipper’s have been faithfully serving with Rock of Ages Prison Ministry.  Brother Larry is a full-time volunteer Chaplain.
Larry and Jean Skipper Email Address

Elwood and Doris Hurst 

Elwood and Doris Hurst joined World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions on January 1, 1978.   Brother Elwood and his dear wife are on retired status with First Baptist Church of Atoka.  They have been and continue to be faithful missionaries.
Elwood and Doris Hurst’s Email Address

Chester and Connie Keith 

Brother Keith and his wife Connie are working on their second church.  They have already established one church in Pensacola, Florida.  Brother Keith was led of the Lord to begin a new work in Mobile, Alabama where he is faithfully serving at the present time.  Brother Chester is affiliated with Fundamental Baptist World-Wide Mission.

No email address available at this time.

Pat and Greta Gordon 

The Gordon’s are serving with Fundamental Baptist World-Wide Mission located in the Memphis, Tennessee area.  Brother Pat is the Vice-President of Recruitment and Development.
Pat and Greta Gordon Email Address

Travis and Frances Harris 

Brother Travis is working in the states now to his health issues.  He and his family are restarting church in Alabama.  They are working through Fundamental Baptist World-Wide Mission.
Travis and Frances Harris Email Address

Brooks and Tricia Suttle

The Suttle family are laboring in the state of Maine and have planted the Royal River Baptist Church in Yarmouth, Maine.   They are serving with Anchor Baptist Missions located in North Carolina.

Contact for the Suttle Family

Danny and Darleen Whetstone

Dr. Whetstone is the President of World-Wide New Testament Baptist Missions.  He has served on the mission field of Grenada as well as experience in the pastorate.  He holds missions conferences here in the States and visits missionaries and fields on a regular basis.

Contact for the Whetstone’s

John and Kim O’Malley

Brother O’Malley is the General Director of WWNTBM and serves along side with the Whetstone’s.  Brother John is an author and conference speaker.  He has ministry experience in the pastorate as well as serving in missions.

Contact for the O’Malley’s

Carl and Glenda Vonnoh

The Vonnoh’s have extensive missions experience having worked in the Philippines and Hawaii planting churches.  Brother Vonnoh is the director of the CLAIM Ministry (Christian Laymen Assisting International Missionaries)  helping with construction projects and getting church members directly involved with missions work.

Contact for the Vonnoh’s

John and April McDaniel

The McDaniel family is dedicated to reaching the Navajo Indian people.  John and April both graduated West Coast Baptist College.  They are serving with BIMI.

Contact for the McDaniel family

Randy and Joan Hayes

In February of 2014, God called Randy to be a missionary and he began praying for God to guide him to plant  KJV Independent Baptist churches. Pastor Hayes soon found out the need to plant gospel preaching churches in the Northwest. After much prayer, God confirmed in his heart to start and plant Concord Harvest Baptist Church in Three Forks, Montana.  He is sent out through his home church, Concord Baptist Church, Pickens, SC.

Contact for the Hayes’

Fundamental Baptist World Wide Missions

FBWWM is a local church centered and operated Missions Service Agency.  FBWWM believes in the primacy of the local church and the pastor’s authority and leadership with the missionaries his church sends to the field.  FBWWM makes no charge to the missionaries it serves.

~Our Pastor, Dr. Freeman J. Weems III sits on the board of this Mission.~

Beulah Pinkston 

The Pinkston’s served very faithfully in Mexico for over thirty-five years.  Since Brother Otis’ death, Sister Pinkston has been involved with doing translation work.  She is retired at this time, but still serving her Lord.

Beulah Pinkston’s Email Address

Jerry and Gail Reece 

Brother Jerry is deeply involved with producing Spanish language materials for Latin America.  He travels extensively there holding meetings and pastors conferences.  Brother Reece’s work has been very fruitful.  Brother Reece has moved to Missionary Emeritus status with Baptist International Missions Inc..

Jerry and Gail Reece’s Email Address

Gordon and Lori Horton 

The Horton family are Church Planters in the Durham region of Ontario Canada.  Their desire is to reach the multitudes of people in Canada whether they be business men and women, blue collar workers, doctors, lawyers, young people, or the many people of different cultures.  The Horton family is serving through Macedonia World Baptist Mission.

Gordon and Lori Horton’s Email Address

South and Central America Missionaries

Andy and Lois Bishop 

Andy and Lois are ministering in Aguascalientes, Mexico. They are building a church there and training Mexicans to take on the work of the ministry. Young Mexican men are being given the opportunity to preach, ladies are being trained to teach Sunday School.  The Bishop’s are serving with Fundamental Baptist World Wide Mission.
Andy and Lois Bishop Email

Bruce and Lynn Berry

The Berry’s are veteran missionaries having already served thirteen years in the Amazon region of Brazil.  They will be a great spiritual asset to the country of Brazil.  The Berry’s are working with Macedonia World Baptist Mission.

Contact for Brother Bruce Berry

Joel Dickens

Brother Joel, his wife, Cynthia, and their children have been on the field since April 2005.  They are presently planting a church in Belo Jardim.  Brother Joel and his family are serving with World Wide New Testament Baptist Mission.
Joel and Cynthia Dickens Email

Mike Gali 

Mike Gali and his family are going to the field of Chile.  They are sent through World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions.
Mike  and Kristen Gali’s Email

Kelly Love 

Miss Kelly Love is a 1999 graduate of Pensacola Christian College, and she took some graduate work at Bob Jones University. In preparation for service in Brazil, she has served a year of internship as a teacher for missionary children in the field of her assignment.  Sister Kelly is serving with Baptist World Missions.

Miss Kelly Love’s Email Address

Leland and Naomi Johnson

The Johnson’s are serving in Brazil with BIMI.  He has an excellent website that has a wealth of information both about the Johnson family and the ministry there in Brazil.

Contact for the Johnson Family

Caribbean Missionaries

Eric and Juana Quinlan

The Quinlan’s are Independent Baptist Missionaries to the Deaf with Harvest Deaf Ministries working with the Deaf in the Dominican Republic.

Contact for the Quinlan Family

Jeffri and Pamela Polanco

The Polanco’s are returning to their homeland, the Dominican Republic, to plant churches there.  there are serving with BIMI.

Contact for the Polanco Family

African Continent Missionaries

Bill and Tammy Brouwer 

Bill, his wife Tammy, and the kids are serving the Lord in Tanzania.  He is a veteran missionary with pastoral experience.  They are working with Baptist International Missions.
Bill Brouwer and Family Email

Adam and Carol Rich

The Rich’s are working in Zambia having taken over a work that Missionaries Pat and Greta Gordon started there.  They are deeply involved in reaching the people with the Gospel and training them to win others and found new churches.  The Rich family serves with Fundamental Baptist World-Wide Mission.

Contact for Brother Rich

Kevin and Corli Hall

Kevin and Corli are laboring in the Port Elizabeth area of South Africa.   They are engaged in church planting and training of nationals.  The Hall’s serve with Macedonia World Baptist Missions.

Contact for Brother Kevin Hall

Western Europe Missionaries

Larry Curtis

Brother Larry and his family have been serving in Birmingham, England since 1987.  He pastors Bethel Free Baptist Church there.
Larry and Jane Curtis Email

Luis Colorado

The Colorado’s are from Mexico.  The Lord has called them to work in Spain and Switzerland.

Contact for the Colorado Family

Markie and Christy Bullock

The Bullock’s have spent time in Mexico doing missions work there.  God has since called them to Spain.  They will be church planting there.  The Bullock’s are serving with WWNTBM.

Contact for the Bullock Family

Asia and Pacific Area Missionaries

Eddie and Marta Ray 

The Ray family are missionaries to Asia.  They have been planting a church very successfully.
Eddie and Marta Ray’s Email Address

Sara and Neaty Vong

The Vong’s are laboring in Cambodia.  Both Sara and Neaty have grown up in Cambodian homes and have been fully immersed in the Cambodian culture. “They will not be offended by strange scents or foods from the culture because they are Cambodians,” said Brother Vong.

Contact for Brother Sara Vong

Jim and Autumn Roberts

Brother Jim has been laboring very successfully in starting churches in India as well as discipling believers and training nationals to take positions of leadership in church plants there.  The Roberts serve with Macedonia World Baptist Missions.

Contact for Brother Jim Roberts

David and Bong Russell 

David and Bong Russell are serving in South Korea.  David is retired military and has heart to reach our troops.  Bong is South Korean and naturally wants to reach her own nation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They are affliated with Armed Forces Baptist Mission.
David and Bong Russell’s Email Address

Michael and April Riffel 

Michael and April are involved in leading a ministry in the country of Japan.  Since arriving on the field, the veteran missionary there, Brother Rich (April’s father), has passed away.  Brother Riffel is pastoring the church there.  They are serving with World-Wide New Testament Baptist Missions.
Michael and April Riffel Email Address

Lewis and Kim Howell 

Brother Lewis and his family are serving in New Zealand doing church planting work.  The Howell family is serving with World Wide New Testament Baptist Mission.

Lewis and Kim Howell’s Email Address

Jon and Marie Hall

The Hall family are laboring for the Lord on the mission field of Australia.  They serve with Fundamental Baptist World-Wide Mission.

Contact for Brother Jon Hall 

Daniel and Megan Fetter 

Daniel and Megan Fetter are serving on the island of Kosrae in the Micronesian Island area.  His mission board is World-Wide New Testament Baptist Missions.
Daniel and Megan Fetter Email Address

Micheal and Honorah Deatrick

The Deatrick’s are  ministering in the Solomon Islands with World-Wide New Testament Baptist Missions.  The Lord has blessed them with a fine baby and open doors for the ministry there.

Contact for Brother Michael Deatrick

Middle East Missionaries

Ghassan and Ghada Haddad 

Brother Haddad is working in the country of Jordan having founded a good church there as well as a Seminary.  His main work is running the Seminary and training others for the Gospel ministry in the Middle East.   He is working through World-Wide New Testament Baptist Mission.
Ghassan and Ghada Haddad Email Address


~We have several missionaries who are serving in areas of the world that are sensitive and therefore we cannot list their names and ministries here.~
~Please remember to pray for the “closed countries” of the world as they need the Gospel as well as others.~