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Is There a Christian View on Politics?


Is There a “Christian” Position on Politics?


            The short answer to that is, yes.  There are some mine fields to traverse though before we settle on everything.  First, let it be understood that the Bible does not address every single issue that we as Americans are facing today.  By that I mean in the specifics, as the Word of God most definitely gives us the principles by which we should conduct our lives.  Our culture has so complicated life that there seems to be no easy answer to anything anymore.  If we are willing to forget political correctness and our fear of being called some name, then we can get down to fixing what is wrong on the governmental side of things.  Secondly, it is important to note that all Christians do not agree on every single issue of the day.  For instance, the theory of global warming is just now beginning to be discussed by some evangelicals.  Truth be told, however, is that many of the things that consume the political mind do not interest a large portion of believers.

            The words liberal and conservative are a good way to divide political points of view.  They will serve to consider the divide amongst Christians.  Those who hold to a liberal perspective toward the Bible will generally hold liberal political views.  If you do not believe that the Bible is a fixed, settled, revelation of the plan of God and His person, it is not likely that you will believe that the Constitution of the United States is a fixed document.  The idea of an evolving Constitution grew out of the congregations who believed that the Bible could and should be interpreted in the light of history and culture.  Some have so changed the shape of the truth that it is no longer recognizable to them or anyone who objectively considers their stance on the issues of the day.

            Conservatives and fundamentalists, these are not always the same group, believe that the Bible is a fixed, settled revelation of God and His plan for men.  Likewise, we believe that the Constitution is a settled document that should be read as it was written and its principles applied to modern life.  Conservatives do not find a right to privacy that guarantees the right to an abortion.  We do not say things like, “I am personally against abortion, but….”  Principle will not allow us to pick and choose the popular position, but demands that we take a consistent position.

            This is where I stand amazed at so many who profess the Lord as Savior.  I have lost count of the number of people whom I have heard say that they are against abortion, but they will vote for those who support it.  I am not trying to get Christians to support the Republican Party with what I am saying.  I do not believe that the acronym GOP means God’s Own Party as some evangelicals seem to do.  I am arguing for consistency in our Christianity.  How can we honor the Lord and vote for those who support the radical agenda of the sodomites in our country?  How can we claim to be faithful believers and put our vote and influence behind those who will support expunging any reference to God from our society?  Is there a Christian position on these issues?  Then there must be a Christian position on politics.

            Every presidential election is important to the direction of our country.  We have learned that one man who is wicked and openly immoral can make a tremendous impact on America from the Oval Office in Washington.  We need political leaders who will do the right thing.  What is good for the country should be on the top of their priority list instead of what is political expedient for them and their party.  The tendency to “slap a band-aid” on the problem approach that we see from Washington will have a high cost in the near future. 

            Many people believe that the Bible does not address the budgetary process of our country.  It is not unusual to hear someone say that they are “voting their pocketbook.”  What this means is that they believe that the economy needs attention.  I agree.  However, I will not support a candidate who I believe could fix the economy if he, or she, is wrong on core moral issues.  Further, the Bible teaches that we are to lay aside goods for hard times.  In Proverbs chapter six, the Word of God addresses being surety for another’s debt and the need of learning from nature about laying up in store for the day of need.  Our country has less money than I do.  It is in debt trillions of dollars because they are giving away what they do not have.  The philosophy of Keynesian economics is that growth will result when the government borrows and spends money.  That is a very simplified view of the theory, but it is a proper way of explaining it.  Our government officials have been for decades spending what they have not yet received in the form of tax revenue.  “Any government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have,” said President Gerald Ford.  He was right.  It is, in my opinion, unbiblical to support those who will give away government largess in order to stay in power.

The “interest payments” on this godless philosophy of governing are already coming due in the form of decreasing morality and rising vulgarity.  Forty plus million voices from the grave are calling for justice and an end to abortion.  Where are the leaders who will step forth and call abortion what it really is: murdering the unborn child?  Where are the leaders who will state flatly that marriage is only to be between one man and one woman?  How can we allow a group such a NAMBLA even to exist in this country?  You would think that their entire agenda would be against the law.  Instead we have some politicians who want to make life hard for the Boy Scouts because they refuse to allow sodomite men to be involved in leadership.  There is a day or reckoning coming for our country.  I fear and tremble as I ponder it.  I have determined that I will not knowingly vote for anyone of any party who helps the enemies of God and the Bible.  That is what I call the Christian Position on Politics.



Explanatory note:


NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association, is a group that promotes sex between young boys and adult men.  They believe that if the activity is consensual that it is healthy and good for the boy.  This presumes that young boys are able to make such a decision.  It is directly contrary to the Word of God which condemns both sodomy and abuse of children.