I want to welcome you to the website for First Baptist Church of Atoka.  We are an independent, fundamental Baptist church located in one of the fastest growing areas of Tennessee.  Being just twenty miles north of Memphis, Tennessee's largest city, we have access to all the resources that a large metropolitan area provides.  First Baptist is just far enough away from the city that we can still enjoy an old-fashioned country atmosphere. 

The most important truth about First Baptist is its love for the Savior, Jesus Christ.  It is my firm belief that we are a warm-hearted body of believers who are interested in making a difference in the world.  To that end we are presently helping to support forty-two missionaries scattered around the world.   We are involved in supporting missionaries to the prisons, wayward youth, and church planting here in the states.  In foreign countries our efforts are almost exclusively church planting.  We are deeply committed to reaching our generation here in West Tennessee. 

Please come and visit with us.  We use only what is now called traditional style church music.  It does not mean we do not use new songs, but only those that fit our philosophy of traditional music.  First Baptist Church of Atoka is not a contemporary style church.  You will hear a Bible message at every service accompanied by the hymns you have known all your life.  

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